Pleated reindeer calf leather bracelet

1.195 kr

Peranders-Karin’s home woven bonnet ribbon is the inspiration for the van Deurs bracelet made of soft pleated reindeer calf leather. The unique folklore Bracelet is hand made in Leksand, Dalarna. The bracelet is closed by a fine button and handmade hook of silk and comes in a fine gift box.

The bracelet

To weave ribbons is a dying art, an art that was inherited from generation to generation of Dalecarlian women. Without years of experience, it is impossible to weave as nicely as Peranders-Karin did. The ribbons are originally used for the traditional Leksand costume’s bonnet for married women.

Peranders-Karin Stark from Tasbäck, Siljansnäs, was left with eight children early when her husband died. Born in 1878 and dead by 1965, she was a kind, strong personality who maintained old traditions and a way of living which was going to be extinct even in the middle of the 20th century. By herself she, handling handicraft and farming, was a part of the old community and was awarded with a diploma for her cultural achievement as a 75-year old.

There are many stories about Peranders-Karin. Susanne Beskow, designer and founder of van Deurs, is a descendant of Peranders-Karin and wishes to emphasise women and female history.

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6 cm broad, One size